The University of Adelaide (UoA)
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The University of Adelaide (UoA)


INSTITUTION TYPE: University/Higher Education Institution

About the institution

The University of Adelaide unites and serves those striving to change the world—and themselves—for the better. It’s a place where history is made.Established in 1874, we’re home to over 29,000 students and 3,000 staff, all striving to create progress. For our community. For all.
This is a university of outstanding quality—ranked as a top 100 global university—in the heart of the city of Adelaide.We were our country’s first university to welcome female students. The first to teach science and business. Our alumni have won Nobel Prizes, led the nation, and walked in space.


The University of Adelaide (Adelaide)
North Terrace
Adelaide South Australia 5005
Melbourne Campus
370 Docklands Drive
Melbourne Victoria 3008
Roseworthy Campus
The University of Adelaide
Adelaide South Australia 5371
Waite Campus
PMB 1, Glen Osmond
Adelaide South Australia 5064