Kaplan Business School (KBS)
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Kaplan Business School (KBS)


INSTITUTION TYPE: University/Higher Education Institution

About the institution

Kaplan Business School is a globally recognised provider of quality business programs across four campuses in Australia- of which one is based in Melbourne. The School is one of Australia’s leading providers of global business qualifications and provides students a holistic business education that combines real-world experience with technical know-how. Some of the study options on offer include the Diploma of Business, the Bachelor of Business (Specialising in Accounting; Hospitality & Tourism Management; and Marketing); Master of Accounting; Master of Professional Accounting; and Master of Business Administration.


Kaplan Business School
Melbourne Campus
Level 4, 370 Docklands Drive
Melbourne Victoria 3008
Adelaide Campus
Level 1, 68 Grenfell Street
Adelaide South Australia 5000
Brisbane Campus
Ground Floor, 369 Ann Street
Brisbane Queensland 4000
Perth Campus
1325 Hay Street
Perth Western Australia 6005
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