University of Technology Sydney - UTS
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Adaptable Sustainable Enterprise

University of Technology Sydney - UTS

Course details

Level of study: Career Based/Vocational


Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for modern businesses and how they generate value. This micro-credential explores systemic and sustainable business models, enabling you to analyse business opportunities arising from complex issues related to sustainability challenges. This micro-credential will enable you to create shared value for your organisation, as well as the natural environment, society and the economy.

About this micro-credential

This micro-credential will help you understand and analyse the dynamic interrelationships and interdependencies between business, society and the natural environment. It will expose you to sustainable business models that will help you recognise and capture opportunities arising out of today’s grand sustainability challenges.

You will be encouraged to think about the complexity of the business ecosystem, nested within social and ecological systems. You will explore new business models and you’ll examine the leading principles, practices, policies and processes organisations implement when they adopt a sustainable approach that generates value for the natural environment, society and the economy.

Having analysed contemporary practice, you will consider ways in which your organisation might become a sustainable, or more sustainable business, including by engaging with your stakeholder networks on sustainability issues. You will develop a sustainable business strategy, model, or change-plan, ready to be implemented within an existing corporation or small-medium enterprise.

Key benefits of this micro-credential

This micro-credential has been designed to equip participants to better understand:

Organisations in the context of their immediate business and their wider role in society
What it takes to lead change as an individual, as an organisation and across markets
How to add value to an organisation’s market approach
How to create shared value and value for stakeholders beyond the business
The importance and drivers of sustainability-oriented innovation
How to critically evaluate current and planned business practices in terms of sustainability
How to identify strategies that enable organisational transformation and change
The obligations, responsibilities, and impacts of business on individuals, society, and economies.

This micro-credential may qualify for recognition of prior learning at this and other institutions.

Who should do this micro-credential?

This micro-credential is suitable for anyone interested in growing their knowledge of sustainable business practice and innovation, enabling them to drive change within their current or future organisations. Specifically, this micro-credential will be relevant for those working in operations, governance, or management positions, including (but not limited to):

Senior managers
Senior business development officers
Sustainability officers
Small-to-medium enterprise workers.

Course learning objectives

On successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

Analyse systemic and sustainable business models as nested in social and ecological systems
Apply the principles and tools of complex systems thinking to sustainable business challenges and/or opportunities
Apply key concepts and techniques of voluntary reporting, sustainable business models and certification systems that could progress organisations towards social and environmental sustainability.

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Key Information


University of Technology Sydney - UTS

UTS Campus
15 Broadway Sydney New South Wales 2007
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University of Technology Sydney - UTS
UTS Campus
15 Broadway Sydney New South Wales 2007